More than being merely a home, this structure is also the physical record
of generations before, their hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

It is the cultural legacy left to us.

John Wesley Dutton, owner of a naval store company, financed the mansion in 1910. The architectural firm of Cairns & Fitcher drafted the plans in the Neo-Classical genre, and DeLand contractor Gus Lauman supervised its construction,
This 8,000 sq ft mansion was completed at a cost of $25,000.

Defining features of the wood frame mansion include full height Corinthian columns that support tiered verandas: scroll brackets, modillions, and dentils along the frieze; ceramic tile panels in the gable ends; and ceramic tiles on the roof.

The Dutton House stands as one of the last of Volusia County’s most heavily ornamented early twentieth century residences.

The house was completed in 1911 after serving as a private home, a retirement home,
and a funeral home the house fell into disrepair for many years.

In the early 1990s it was purchased privately and restoration began.
The new owner fell ill and asked the City of DeLand to take over
the restoration. The City felt it would be better served if a
non-profit specifically established for Dutton House resumed restoration.

In 1995 the non-profit, Historic DeLand Inc. was established. This board was able to
apply for and was awarded several grants through the State
which allowed restoration to continue.

Over time the board diminished and eventually a new board was gathered in 2005.
This board changed the name of the non-profit from Historic DeLand Inc. to
Dutton House Inc to reduce confusion with the Historical Society of DeLand.

In 2023, after many years with no further funding Dutton House Inc
decided to sell the home to Dutton House Restoration LLC.

Feel free to contact us at duttonhousedeland@gmail.com with questions.